Amsterdam Born Children and their Development


Welcome to the site of the ABCD study: the long-term cohort study which examines the health of 8,000 children of different ethnic background, all born in Amsterdam.

On this website you can find our latest news, general information, details about the study, specific information for our participants, as well as information about the different research areas and our collaboration with other people and institutes.

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Organisatorial changes ABCD-study

kerstkaartje_definitief_voorkant2 From January 1, 2014 onwards, the ABCD-study will be continued by the Academic Medical Center (AMC) only. Over the past 10 years, the ABCD-study has provided important information about the growth and development of children. So far, the study was carried out by The Public Health Service Amsterdam (GGD) together with the AMC. This will change: due to economic cutbacks, the Public Health Service Amsterdam has to withdraw as a primary partner in the organisation of the study.

Fortunately, the AMC will continue the study on its own. Therefore the ABCD-study continues to exist. Also, the GGD will stay involved in projects related to Child Health Care practice, such as research related to the development of childhood overweight.
We hope that you will continue to participate in the near future and thereby provide us with valuable information that improves the care for parents and children.
Please find our new contact details below. If you have any questions, please contact us.